1What does ABJ Inc. specialise in?
ABJ Inc. provides exceptional oncology specialists and advanced evidence-based cancer treatment. They offer hope to patients by providing holistic care. They are experts in all forms of chemotherapy and radiation. Our areas of specialisation include oncology, haematological oncology, conformal radiation, brachytherapy, neuro-radiosurgery, hormonal therapy and immunotherapy.
2What is:
  • An oncologist?
    An oncologist is a specialist medical practitioner qualified to diagnose and treat cancer.
  • A radiation oncologist?
    A physician focused on employing radiation therapy to treat cancer is known as a radiation oncologist. Radiation treatment is used to treat various malignancies. In order to create and carry out a patient-specific radiation therapy plan, they collaborate closely with other medical specialists, radiation therapists, medical physicists, and dosimetrists. A radiation oncologist is in charge of creating and administering radiation therapy, keeping track of the patient's progress, and modifying the course of treatment as necessary.
  • A Medical Oncologist?
    A Medical Oncologist is a specialist who has special training in diagnosing and treating cancer using chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, biological therapy, and targeted therapy. They also give supportive care and may coordinate treatment given by other specialists.
3When do you need to visit an oncologist?
If you have received a cancer diagnosis or your healthcare practitioner suspects you could have cancer, you may need to see an oncologist.
4Do you need a referral to see a radiation oncologist at ABJ Inc.?
Yes, usually, you need a referral letter from a specialist.
5What medical aid does ABJ Inc. accept?
We accept the majority of medical aid funds, but there are instances where authorisation needs to be obtained for the first consultation. Some funds also have co-payments that should be paid before seeing the doctor.
6How do you make an appointment with ABJ Inc.?
In order to schedule an appointment, you can speak directly to a receptionist at the practice closest to you. On the ABJ website, you can find the contact details of all the ABJ and ACT practices. One of the accommodating receptionists will help you make an appointment when you call the office.