The diagnosis is CANCER. WHAT NOW?

The first few weeks of shock and uncertainty after diagnosis are a traumatic experience and in many ways, rob the patient and their family of their security and peace of mind.

We want to reassure you that you will be treated with the most advanced equipment and treatment methods available anywhere in the world. Your oncologists specialise in all types of chemo- and radiotherapy and will select the very best treatment possible for you.

Our team of highly-qualified doctors are leaders in their fields, with many who super-specialise in all branches of oncology: haematological oncology, conformal radiation, brachytherapy, neuro radio surgery, immunotherapy, and treatment with all the latest remedies and techniques.

The oncologists are assisted by an extraordinary group of talented, dedicated nurses and radiotherapists to ensure that you will receive the correct treatment as prescribed.

Furthermore, it is our pleasure to encourage you to make use of our support services to help you eliminate or deal with the uncertainty. These services are provided cost-free, by a team of professionals who specialise in the following fields:

  • Nutrition/Dietetics
  • Counselling/Therapy

Within each specialist field, some of the world's latest treatment methods for patients suffering from life-threatening diseases are used. We urge our patients and their families to utilise these services to their fullest in order to derive the maximum benefit from the full spectrum of medical treatment.