MBChB (Stell)


(ACT Pretoria East Haematology Centre)

Dr Murray has dedicated his life to helping build one of the most successful haematological practices in South Africa. He is in his 11th year of employment with ACT Pretoria East Haematology Centre and functions mainly as a transplant clinician currently. His work involves stabilising patients at initial contact and supporting them through chemotherapy and stem cell transplants when required whilst ensuring good post-transplant care and long-term follow-up. He is also very involved with stem cell donor identification, counselling and clearance ensuring strict adherence to JACIE protocols, data capturing and post-donation care.

As a practitioner at a leading haematological practice, he has been fortunate to be involved in many facets of trials and data capturing. They are the first haematological practice in an African country to obtain JACIE accreditation and have maintained this over the years. Since then the practice has been involved in numerous pharmaceutical trials.

His drive for excellence, commitment and willingness to work hard has allowed him to be involved in multiple different facets of medicine previously as well. He was an instructor for IMCI, doing multiple training sessions with sisters. He has gained lots of experience in the field of chronic pain syndromes and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal dysfunction working with DBC. He was also lucky enough to be part of a large general practice with patients ranging from neonate to geriatric and performing small surgical procedures for close to 4 years and obtained his diploma in clinical densitometry during this time.

He has special interests in intensive care management, advanced cardiac life support and have been keeping up to date with my ACLS and other relevant studies. He has gained invaluable experience over the years in the fields of Intensive care, Internal medicine, Surgery, Urology, Dermatology, Haematology, Oncology, ENT, Palliative care, Gastroenterology, Psychology, Infection control and many more working very closely with the relevant specialists. They follow a truly holistic approach with improved overall survival. He has been fortunate to attend multiple local and international haematology, intensive care and other congresses/meetings over the last 11 years working for Albert’s Cellular Therapy (ACT).

Growing up in Stellenbosch he has always had a fondness for the outdoors, enjoying cycling, running, hiking and travelling through our beautiful country. He moved to Pretoria and got married to his wife, Jolandie. They have two very adventurous young boys keeping them occupied but at the same time granting a new perspective on life.

He loves capturing these moments on film and enjoy being a hobbyist videographer. He tries to be a polymath in as many things as possible with keen interests in bullion coins, RC cars, blade smithing, horology, computer technology and classical cars - pretending to be an auto-mechanic as much as possible whilst enjoying the occasional Sunday cruise with the family.