MBChB, FCP(SA), Cert Clin Haematology(SA) Phys


(ACT Pretoria East Haematology Centre and ABJ Klerksdorp Oncology Centre)

Dr Andrew McDonald studied at University of Cape Town for both undergraduate and post graduate training, specialising as a physician, and later doing Clinical Haematology.

From 2001 until 2012 he was a consultant in the Department of Haematology at Groote Schuur Hospital, training junior doctors and supervising management of patients with blood disorders.

From 2012 onwards, Dr McDonald has been practising as a Clinical Haematologist at ACT Pretoria East Haematology Centre in Pretoria.

Dr McDonald's training and work experience at Groote Schuur Hospital equipped him to look after the broad range of blood disorders: Groote Schuur Hospital has the largest state hospital bone marrow transplant centre. He was also the head of the Haemophilia and Related Bleeding Disorders Clinic, as well as the chairman of MASAC of the South African Haemophilia foundation for 4 years.

Since starting at ACT Pretoria East Haematology Centre, together with the excellent team of doctors and nurses and support staff, they have achieved JACIE accreditation for transplants, and attempts to provide the highest standard of care for blood diseases. Since 2016, Dr McDonald has also been the Stem cell transplant program director at this center.

Dr Andrew McDonald has a wide range of interests in blood disorders and is actively involved in research with new drugs