The oncology specialists and supporting staff at ABJ Inc. Oncology, welcome individuals at all phases in their cancer journey, whether they have come to terms with their diagnosis, are still working through it or have begun researching cancer treatments already. We are here to make you comfortable during your cancer journey and are ready to answer your questions. 

At ABJ Inc., our goal is to support patients allowing them to live a life with purpose no matter what the diagnosis. To aid you in your journey with cancer, we provide our patients with support services at our practices as well as information and contacts for a variety of supplementary services including genetic counsellors, dieticians, physiotherapists, counsellors, home nursing, palliative care practitioners and complementary medicine practitioners.

The additional therapies that are available to cancer patients contribute to the holistic treatment approach which we support. Should you require a support service not listed, please speak to someone at your oncology clinic, who will be able to assist and advise you.