Complementary and Holistic Health Care for Cancer Patients

The practice has a holistic complementary health therapist who offers patients a package of therapeutic treatments, of which the main therapies are:

  • Dr Vodder's lymph drainage (especially for lymphoedema);
  • Stress relief together with psychoneuroimmunology (PNI),
  • Emotional release,
  • Craniosacral balancing;
  • Electro-vibrational energy healing or healing touch;
  • Colour and crystal therapy;
  • Visualisation;
  • Deep pranic breathing;
  • Prayer and meditation; and
  • Kinesiology treatments.

Each person is treated with unconditional love, caring, respect and dignity, while maintaining the highest professional, ethical and practice codes. As part of the life work, healing is applied and transferred to patients with the highest integrity, sincerity, knowledge, intent and purpose. The art of therapeutic massage or touch, particularly in the professional situation, is refined and advanced to a wholesome, highly beneficial relaxation and therapeutic healing technique.

During these therapeutic treatments

  • Emotional stress and tension are relieved;
  • Blood and lymph circulation as well as oxygen flow throughout the body is improved.;
  • Residual toxins from chemotherapy and radiation and dead cancer cells destroyed by the cancer treatment are eliminated;
  • Immunity is raised;
  • Vitality is increased; and
  • Quality of life is enhanced and optimised.

The various side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation are very effectively managed and alleviated. These may include, among others, anxiety, depression, headaches, insomnia, fatigue, body and muscle aches and pains, nausea, digestive problems, low white blood cell count or immunity, infections, inflammation, skin problems, hair loss, fibrosis or hardening of tissues, and skin and tissue burning during radiation.

Specially prepared aromatic medicinal blends and creams are used for radiation protection. These creams and blends will protect the skin and tissues from radiation induced skin inflammation and other side-effects of radiation. It will also minimise fibrosis and scar formation.

A complete information booklet is also available, containing all the relevant information regarding complementary and holistic health care for cancer patients.

Therapeutic aromatherapy, therapeutic massage therapy and therapeutic reflexology treatments are offered to patients at a special reduced rate per treatment. An information booklet as well as the products (50ml aromatic medicinal cream or blend) are also available to order or for purchase.

Dr Alberts, Bouwer & Jordaan Inc.

The Alberts, Bouwer & Jordaan practices and clinics are spread across Gauteng and the North West Province and offer the most advanced treatment methods available worldwide. We pride ourselves in our quality and the standard of care given by our doctors, nurses and support staff who treat all our patients with professionalism, compassion and understanding, providing the most effective treatments and therapy.

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