Aromatherapy & Reflexology

Therapeutic aromatherapy, massage therapy and therapeutic reflexology form part of a holistic, all-encompassing care therapy that creates and maintains harmony and balance between the body, emotions, mind and spirit to promote optimal health.

These therapies can substantially relieve many of the side effects of cancer treatments.


This involves therapeutic treatment, including massage, with aromatic essential plant, herbal and flower oils, each with its own unique composition of a large variety of chemical components, therapeutic and medicinal properties and aroma.


This group is especially targeted at ladies who suffer from hair loss. Volunteer make-up artists visit the practice every month for a 2 hour workshop.

Mariet du Plessis: +27 (0)12 807 22744 or +27 (0)12 663 3696

Dr Alberts, Bouwer & Jordaan Inc.

The Alberts, Bouwer & Jordaan practices and clinics are spread across Gauteng and the North West Province and offer the most advanced treatment methods available worldwide. We pride ourselves in our quality and the standard of care given by our doctors, nurses and support staff who treat all our patients with professionalism, compassion and understanding, providing the most effective treatments and therapy.

After hours contact details:

Radiotel: +27 (0)12 333-6000

(for all practices except Klerksdorp)

PO Box 12555, Hatfield, 0028

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